What's Covver?

Covver is simple way to protect your privacy, as well as protecting the lens on your computer's built-in webcam or your smartphone's camera.

It fits snugly over the area around the lens, attaching with a durable, water-resistant adhesive. It slides open easily whenever you need to use your camera, prevents any image from being captured when it's closed.

Is it really necessary to use a webcam cover?

Unfortunately, yes.

Former FBI director James Comey compared using a webcam cover to locking your house at night.

The built-in cameras on our laptops and smartphones are vulnerable to hackers. It's possible that someone is accessing your webcam when you don't want to — even if the light is off.

Yup, even Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam. (Although we think he could do better than a piece of tape!)

Will this fit on my computer or phone?

Covver fits most built-in cameras on computers and smartphones.

Covver measures 14mm long and 7mm wide. The opening is 4.5mm in diameter, and it is 1mm thick.

It may not be compatible with some laptops, especially if the lid is extremely thin. Always ensure there is ensure that there is enough space for it to close properly before applying the Covver.

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How do I apply the Covver?

  • Wipe clean the surface of your computer's built-in webcam or your smartphone's front-facing camera. (We recommend using a microfibre cloth.) 
  • To ensure that the adhesive is making contact with the back of the Covver, firmly press your finger along the paper backing.
  • Carefully peel off the paper, making sure that the adhesive remains on the back of the Covver.
  • Slide open the Covver and position the circular opening over the lens.
  • Press down firmly. Your Covver is ready to use!



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